SASSA Status Pending

Are you puzzled by your ‘SASSA status pending’ notification? You’re not alone. This SASSA status means SASSA has not yet completed the evaluation of your grant application, typically due to in-process verification or required additional information. We will guide you through understanding why it’s pending, how long you might have to wait, and what you can do right now to potentially speed up the process.

Key Takeaways

  • A ‘pending’ SASSA SRD grant status indicates that an application for a grant is under review, which may involve verification checks of personal and bank details against databases, or be due to a temporary lack of funds from SASSA, with no fixed duration for resolution but typically up to 90 days.
  • Applicants can check their SASSA grant application status via the official website, WhatsApp, SMS (at a cost), or customer support helpline, and should ensure their documentation is accurate and complete to avoid delays and assist with any pending status.
  • If a SASSA grant application is declined, applicants have the right to appeal using the SASSA Reconsideration Portal, with appeals needing to be submitted within 30 days of rejection and the appeal outcome typically communicated within 60 to 90 days.

Understanding SASSA Status Pending

If your SASSA grant application status shows as ‘pending,’ this signifies that the processing of your request is not yet complete. The grant application remains under assessment, and it typically implies that a verification procedure is underway or additional information is required to conclude the review of your sassa grant.

What might lead to a pending grant application status, and what duration should one expect for this state?

Reasons for Pending Status

A SASSA status may display as pending if verification processes are still underway. This often involves SASSA validating your submitted details, including personal information and bank details, against other systems. They compare the provided ID numbers with databases from entities like SARS, UIF, and NSFAS to verify that applicants aren’t concurrently drawing benefits elsewhere. Such thorough checks can lead to a pending status indication. You have the option to keep track of this by conducting an online sassa status check.

Alternatively, sometimes a pending status could be indicative of a momentary shortfall in funds from SASSA’s side. In these circumstances, applicants might need to exercise patience and repeatedly monitor their status for any changes or updates regarding their application’s progress.

How Long Does Pending Status Last?

There is no definitive period for how long a SASSA status may remain in the pending phase. The time frame can fluctuate significantly and there’s no promise of resolution within a particular period. Though, it should take no longer than 90 days to move from pending status to application approval. Yet this could extend anywhere between several weeks and multiple months.

Particularly with regard to the ‘Reapplication Pending’ status, applicants often find themselves waiting roughly two to three months.

Checking Your SASSA Application Status

It’s essential to determine whether your SASSA application has been approved or if you need to take steps. For this purpose, several options are available for monitoring the status of your SASSA grant application.

  1. Monitor your application online via the official SASSA website.
  2. Inquire about your status through WhatsApp.
  3. Employ alternative designated online platforms to review your SASSA grant progress.

Adhering strictly to the directions provided for each method will help ensure that you receive precise information regarding the current state of your submission.

Upon successful verification by providing an ID and phone number after examining the SASSA application status, updates pertaining to the SASSA grant will be sent directly as SMS notifications to keep applicants informed.

Online Portal

To ascertain the status of your SASSA SRD grant application, including approval and payment dates, or details regarding appeals if needed, South African citizens can easily utilize the online portal. This process involves:

  • Navigating to
  • Providing your South African ID number alongside the phone number you registered with.

After these credentials are verified successfully within the system, you will be granted access to view all pertinent information about your grant application status.

SMS Notifications

For those who opt out of digital methods, SMS offers a viable option to verify your SASSA SRD application status. You can check the status of your SASSA application by sending an SMS with ‘STATUS’, include a space after, and then enter your ID number to 32555. Bear in mind that utilizing this service comes with a charge.

Customer Support Helpline

If you experience any challenges while trying to verify the status of your grant application, SASSA offers a customer support helpline designed to help with these issues. They have made available a contact number for this specific purpose and have included operating hours so that you can connect with them at a time that is convenient for you.

Should there be any complications, it’s advisable to promptly contact the support helpline for assistance regarding your application status or other related concerns.

Resolving a Pending SASSA Status

If you find that your SASSA application is in a ‘pending’ state, the initial action should be to scrutinize the documentation submitted. An ‘on hold’ status can often stem from problems such as incomplete submissions or absent paperwork. To avoid any hindrance in processing your application, confirm that every detail on the SASSA application is precise and fully provided. Promptly provide any extra information requested by SASSA to help expedite moving past the pending status of your application.

Should there still be no change after you have re-examined and supplemented your documents, it might be necessary to reach out directly to SASSA for Support with resolving the persisting ‘pending’ status of your application.

Reviewing Your Documentation

It’s essential to input accurate personal information and provide comprehensive banking details during the SASSA grant application process to avoid a pending status. For successful processing, you might need to double-check and resubmit important documents like:

  • Identity papers
  • Dependents’ birth certificates
  • Recent bank statements
  • Medical evaluations

Taking these steps can aid in correcting an SRD reconsideration pending status.

For particular grants offered by SASSA, such as the Old Age Grant, applicants must submit appropriate documentation that includes evidence of income and assets to fulfill the standards set forth by SASSA.

Submitting Additional Information

To confirm your identity number and citizenship status, SASSA will collaborate with the Department of Home Affairs. Once you provide your phone number on an appropriate SASSA platform for verifying your identity, a PIN or OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to you through text message.

It is important that when undergoing income verification, you double-check the accuracy of your bank account details because these details are provided to both the Treasury and the selected bank as part of determining whether you’re eligible for grant payments through SASSA.

Contacting SASSA for Assistance

In certain situations, when you encounter issues with the status of your pending SRD grant application, such as technical difficulties accessing the official website, you may need to get in touch with SASSA. In these instances, calling their free-of-charge helpline at 0800601011 is an option. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, it’s recommended that you visit a local SASSA office and discuss your concerns in person.

Once you’ve made contact with SASSA regarding your application’s status or reinstating a cancelled application, exercise patience while waiting for a response. Should there be no communication after an appropriate period has elapsed, make sure to follow up on the matter. Once successfully reprocessed following the specific procedures required by SASSA, payments related to the SRD Grant will commence accordingly.

Appealing a Declined SASSA Application

If your application to SASSA is declined, you are entitled to challenge the decision. This can be done by accessing the dedicated SRD website created for appeals. When appealing, navigate through the SASSA reconsideration portal and input your ID number as part of lodging your appeal.

It’s crucial that this appeal is filed within a 30-day window from when you were notified about the rejection of your application. Once an appeal has been made, it’s essential to periodically verify its status via — the specific link provided by SASSA—to remain informed about its progress.

Grounds for Appeal

If individuals feel that their application for social assistance was incorrectly rejected, they are entitled to challenge this outcome by appealing to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals. It’s important that these appeals be lodged within a period of 90 days following receiving the decision from SASSA.

Appeal Process

If your SASSA grant application is declined, you have a period of 30 days from the date of notification to appeal the decision. If missed, an extended deadline provides up to 90 days after being informed of the rejection to file an appeal. Should your grant be suspended, documentation for reassessment must be submitted within a month from when the suspension was communicated. In doing so, ensure that all submissions are accompanied by acceptance and acknowledgment of Declaration and Consent forms as part of this process. Appeals should specifically target each individual month that saw your application rejected and need to be directed at the Department of Social Development.

The Independent Tribunal will relay their verdict on any appeals via electronic communication typically between two months (60 days) and three months (90 days) after receiving your lodged appeal. The result delivered by them in case your appeal does not succeed is conclusive. No action can overturn it. Justifications detailing why the request has been turned down will accompany this final decision provided by the tribunal.

SASSA Reconsideration Portal

If your SASSA application status check is unsuccessful, it’s advisable to submit an appeal via the online SASSA Reconsideration Portal. This platform has been established specifically to handle appeals related to grant applications, ensuring Evaluation of your case.

Maintaining Eligibility for SASSA Grants

Maintaining eligibility for a SASSA grant requires ongoing compliance with specific financial requirements. Beneficiaries of grants like the War Veterans Grant and Old Age Grant must adhere to income and asset thresholds established by a means test. In order to continue receiving the Care Dependency Grant, individuals must satisfy particular criteria, which include passing a means test to support children with profound disabilities.

In the case of Older Persons Grant applicants, they must be at least 60 years old and not receive any other social grants for themselves—including the r350 grant—as well as fulfill the necessary financial assessment through a means test. An additional sum of R460 per month is made available via the Grant in Aid for those eligible recipients who are dependent on full-time care due to either physical or mental impairment among certain sassa grant beneficiaries.

Regularly Update Personal Information

It is essential to notify SASSA about any changes in your personal situation, like a change in marital status, to maintain eligibility for grants. Ensuring that they have your current mobile phone number on file is also crucial so you can receive significant notifications regarding your SASSA application. To update these contact details, one should go to the official SRD website.

When it comes to receiving SRD grants through bank accounts, those banking details must be associated with an account held under your name. If there’s a need to amend this information for the disbursement of SASSA grants, you may do so by visiting the main office of SASSA or seeking assistance via their help line.

Monitor Changes in Income

It is crucial to monitor any fluctuations in your income, as such variations can impact your qualification for SASSA grants. Ensuring that you communicate any alterations in your earnings to SASSA is key for a precise evaluation of grant eligibility.

Variations in income can sway the results of the means test applied by SASSA, which consequently could alter your grant status.

Comply with SASSA Requirements

SASSA administers various forms of financial support including the child support grant, disability grants, and pension for the elderly. It is vital to meet SASSA’s grant conditions which encompass passing means test standards and not residing in a government institution.

Initially introduced as an interim aid during COVID-19 to assist jobless individuals, the SRD (Social Relief of Distress) Grant has been extended. Its continuation signifies its significance in assisting those who are financially vulnerable. There will be enhancements made to it, highlighting why it’s important for beneficiaries to remain informed about updates pertaining to these grants.


Navigating the SASSA application and grant maintenance process can indeed be a complex task. However, with an understanding of key terms such as ‘pending status’, the reasons behind this status, and potential duration, the process becomes much easier. Additionally, knowing how to check your application status, resolve a pending status, appeal a declined application, and maintain grant eligibility can significantly ease the process. Remember, SASSA is there to assist you, and reaching out for help when in doubt is always a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my R350 is approved?

By accessing the SASSA status check website, you have the ability to verify your R350 grant application’s current standing. Simply input your registered mobile number along with your South African ID and select “Check Status” to view the outcome.

What does a ‘pending’ status mean on my SASSA application?

Your SASSA application is currently under review and in the process of being finalized, as indicated by its ‘pending’ status. This suggests that verification of information is underway or Details are required to complete the processing of your grant request.

How long does a ‘pending’ status last?

The duration of the ‘pending’ status for a SASSA application can fluctuate. It persists for as long as 90 days.

How can I check my SASSA application status?

To ascertain the status of your SASSA application, you can utilize several methods available online on the official SASSA website or through WhatsApp and other specified internet platforms. An option to confirm your application status is via SMS or by reaching out directly to the customer support helpline provided by SASSA.

What can I do if my SASSA application is declined?

Should your SASSA application be rejected, it’s imperative that you exercise your right to contest the decision by promptly lodging an appeal through the official SRD website. This must be done within a 30-day period following receipt of the notification indicating that your application was not approved.

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