SASSA Reconsideration Status

Did you get a rejection from the SASSA grant application? Don’t be sad. You would be happy to know that you can appeal the decision with the SASSA reconsideration status process. Yes, you have the right to challenge the SASSA decision if your application is declined.

SASSA Reconsideration Appeal

Follow these instructions to lodge an appeal application against the SASSA status declined issues.

  1. Visit the DSD website to lodge the SASSA reconsideration appeal online.
  2. Enter your South African ID number (see your ID card).
  3. Enter your phone number (Should be the same as you submitted during the SRD grant application process).
  4. Click on the Send PIN button to get an OTP code on your phone.
  5. Provide this OTP code back inside the SASSA website and SASSA will allow you to access the reconsideration page.
  6. Here you need to choose the month of your application. Pick the month when your grant is declined and also choose the reason for the appeal.
  7. Enter your basic details and fill out the appeal application form.
  8. Submit the form and wait for the decision.

SASSA Status Check for Reconsideration Appeal

After appealing for reconsideration, applicants have to check their reconsideration status regularly. Your appeal application can take up to 90 days to be confirmed and approved. So you need to be patient and keep checking your status every day. Follow the straightforward steps to check your appeal status.

  1. Open the SASSa appeal status website
  2. Look for the keyword “SASSA STATUS CHECK” on this website.
  3. Provide your South African Identity Number and mobile phone number correctly.
  4. Make sure you have entered all the details accurately.
  5. Now finally click on the “Check Status” button and get your appeal status.

Follow these easy steps to stay informed about your re-application appeal status. You need to do it once a day until you find out you are successfully approved for the R350 payments.

If you encounter any problems during the reconsideration status check, you can contact SASSA authorities.

What If My Appeal Status Also Declined?

You have the right to appeal for the final decision of SASSA if you are rejected but what if your appeal status is also declined? What should you do in this case? In this case, you have only one option to choose. And that option is to challenge the decision in the court.

This is your last chance to be approved for the SRD grant payments. If you want to use this last method then here is the guide for all the applicants in South Africa.

Note: Please be sure you are not claiming the false application approval. You have to be eligible for this grant and have to pass the means test. If you are applying for the grant consciously even when you are not eligible, you can get in trouble. You may face a legal suit against you.

  1. Find a good lawyer and inform him about your situation.
  2. Prepare all of your required documents such as income status, bank statements, proof of address, ID details and verifications of your means test.
  3. Prepare an affidavit where you need to be sure you are an eligible candidate for the SRD grant.
  4. Now submit the case application to the court and wait for the approval.
  5. Once you get a reply from the judge, you can proceed to hearings.

What is SASSA Reconsideration Pending?

When you apply for the appeal you will start seeing the result “reconsideration pending”. If you do not know what it means then here is the explanation.

When the officials of SASSA received your appeal, they started to do their due diligence on your request. During this process, they crossmatch your provided information and supporting documents with their record. They also crossmatch this information with the database of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

As these steps take time, they put your status on pending during all the steps of verification. So when you see if your application status is pending, you should be relaxed as your application is under a verification process.

What is the SASSA Reconsideration Appeal?

Applicants can use the appeal right if they will get a rejection on their grant application. Whether it is a social relief of distress grant, care dependency grant, or child support grant, you can use this right. Also, applicants have to lodge the appeal before the 30 or a maximum of 90 days after the rejection month.

During this period, you can use your right to appeal for your SASSA grant. About 80% of the appeal applicants get approval within 30 days. However, it verification process can take up to 90 days as well.

So you need to be relaxed and have great patience while waiting for your appeal approval.

Documents Required for SASSA Appeal Request

  • ID card
  • Proof of address
  • Income proof
  • Affidavit

Tips to Get Appeal Status Approval in 2024

Here are some useful tips that will help you to get the appeal approval.

  • Be honest and provide all the details accurately. Do not try to cheat and misguide the system.
  • Collect all of your required documents that are listed above and do not miss any document. If possible, attach some extra documents for your transparency.
  • Find out the reason for your rejection and then explain in detail why their decision is wrong. Provide all the proofs.

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